Clarity in 2020 – Question #2

Create Your Own Crazy Vision – #2

So now that I have your attention I’m not going to tell you to stop day-dreaming. Go right ahead, keep creating!

Let’s get on with a question on the second day of twenty-twenty and all it’s plenty – don’t rush, take your time! All good things come to those who wait because they require focus and time!

Ready? Start off by making a list of your five greatest (crazy) successes to date and then ask yourself this:
What did I have (resources) and what did I not have; what did I change (or what changed), what did I do (action) and where was I at, personally (motivation, inspiration, emotionally)?

Play with these impulses today especially if you’re feeling a bit jaded with the hype around new year resolutions and goals. This clarity question will remind you of your crazy confidence that has been your best catalyst before!

And while you’re creating your crazy vision, remember you’re the lead dancer at this party of plenty in twenty-twenty! 

Please note that this thought provoking question is not a goal-setting exercise. Questions are designed to help you find out why you only achieve some of the things you set out to do and while reflecting on questions you find your answers which will either inspire you to go out there and make it (that crazy dream/vision and more) happen or encourage you to change your perception of an un-serving idea and set your sights on something far more rewarding!

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Regards, Hester

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