What’s On My Mind And Balancing The Stories We Tell To Sell!

Balancing the Stories We Tell To Sell!

What’s on my mind facebook asks?
This. What am I not quite getting about “tell your success story” stories?
With the start of the new year I decided to immerse myself into the world of online business. I realised – with the exasperated roll of my son’s eyes – that it was hight time to stop my self lies and to also open myself up to the business of passive online income, vlogs, blogs, opt-ins,etc etc. So off I go and do some searching, researching, observing – or as some fundis like to call it: lurking – reach out, touch base, take what I can without going into overwhelm, try it out, sift out and persevere. I have met some incredible people – young and older – out there in the social platform world. Thank you for your open arms, help, advice, challenges and good vibes. I am still an info hungry hunter-gatherer. And growing.
There are also these extremely successful multiple zero earners selling their sob to smile story – and one I’m particularly thinking of is a guy offering free webinars, earning serious shekels (or shackles) by telling how he became an overachiever because his parents got divorced and he felt the pain of not being good enough and I’m thinking like…you’re not serious are you?
And now I feel as though there is this public challenge to see who’s story can be more miserable.
Who’s had the rougher deal?
So you think you’ve got a headache? Well I’ve got a migraine…and…and…and I, me Hester, get to think that if our measure of success is who’s got the best sob story – I’m not going to be a succes? Is this right?

 WTF! Thank goodness I’m 50-something and still collecting sad and smile stories – I’m weaving my very own exquisite tapestry. I’ve got lots of scenes. And fine colorful silk thread too.
I’ve got many stories to tell (and sell) but what about people half my age with half the amount of life stories? Have you thought about what else you’re going to tell when you have told your story. When you don’t have another sob story to share?
Come on! Think about it! Do you?
Soon familial sexual abuse is going to become as passé as saying the f word and living with war next door.
Soon domestic violence and witnessing your spouse being raped is going to be as ordinary as hungry snot-nosed babies sleeping in dusty Indian city streets. Or African. Or Haitian.
Soon you’ll think that paying for water is the same as buying coke – so you buy coke instead – which uses up a lot of water in the making while farmers cannot afford to buy water to irrigate their crops and so no food, no more. Sooner than later.
I get that telling something about your painful growing process – and learning from that pain and making it work for you is valuable in supporting others but what are we actually, really, I mean really promoting, and perpetuating here – if we jump onto the bandwagon?
Wouldn’t it be like jumping on the already overcrowded wagon of emaciated faces – going on a very short ride?
I’ve decided I’m not going with! That’s what’s on my mind.
With love from me,  
 – your no-buts kick-butt sparkplug raising human conscsiousness – one butt-kick and sparkle at a time!

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