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Li’L Holidays! – Learning in Leisure Holidays!

Are you moving into colder, darker days right now?

Can you feel the Autumn chill creeping in and shuddering at the thought of it?

And, do you also need to hone your English skills?

Take a look at these pics ?

Cycling in West Coast National Park

Spectacular African sunsets!

Like what you see?

Then let’s do this! 

Let’s combine South African blue skies, sparkly local smiles, whale watching (depending on when you come), swimming, kite-/wind surfing, hiking, Li’L road-trips to see the big and small 5 showered with loads of sunshine to warm your soul while you improve your English.  

Let’s design and create a Li’L English Holiday!

I’ll take care of your bespoke English content every day of your stay!

Keen to do this? 

Contact me or send me an email to hester@salt-pro.com for more information and remember to put “Li’L English Holiday” in the subject line.

Stay brilliant, stay healthy and keep sparkling,

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“I Want” and “I Will” – The Power Of (The Right) Words

I Want and I Will – The Power Of (The Right) Words

Would you like a change or experience something different?
Here’s how in 2 steps and 2 phrases!
Step 1: start your sentence with “I want….(whatever it is) – it opens up possibilities, ideas and speaks of desires and aspirations.
Step 2: reformulate your “I want…” sentence into an “I will…” sentence – it commits to the actions and steps to get what you want.
Now go for it. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 often to keep you focused and on track.
Do you need help with your business English skills? Personal leadership skills? Professional development skills? Contact me.


The “Con” in Consent and Other Agreements!

The “Con” in Consent and Other Agreements!

“con” as found in consent – is also known as to deceive, bamboozle (love that), swindle, cheat, fool, mislead, sweet-talk, trick, double-cross and rip-off. It dates back to the 1500’s which was frequently used in establishing the “pros and cons” of something which, going back to its roots, means that “con” is against, in opposition to and opposed to.

“con-sent” comes from the Latin “comsentire” – “com” = with and “sentire” = to feel in other words to feel together, agree or give permission.

The weakness in “con-sent” is that the content of the “con” can be stronger than, or even work against, the feeling of together-ness and mutual agreement. “Con” can be you giving someone, albeit unwittingly (unintentionally), the permission to “con” you. Or someone can allow you to do something but work against you and hold you in contempt (mock, scorn or be disrespectful).

And then, more often than not, the agreement becomes a “dis”. Con-sent ends in dis-agreement, dis-con-tent, dis-approval, dis-sent, dis-pute, an eventual dis-allowance filled with regret and dis-appointment that leads to dis-integration of all that was meant and intended well. Ouch!

Think about this when negotiating or trying to reach consensus with individuals and also with close friends or family members. A lot of agree-ing might be happening only because the need to be liked or accepted is greater than the possible dis-satisfaction later.

Consider the amount of “con” you communicate and con-tribute in your interactions and activities. If there is more dis-appointment and dis-sent than you care to deal with, you can change the way you say “yes” to things.

Want to know more? Contact me here. Remember: words have power and the right words empower! 



Do Something Different – Newsletter October 2013

Is it this…

If You Keep Doing What Your Doing card 6.23.11.indd

or this…?




“If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always been getting. If you want something different, you’re going to have to do something completely different!” 
~ Paul Watzlawick.

I know I have used this quote by PW before, but this is exactly it. Every time I look at it I get new inspiration, and sadly, out there I see so many people doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, that I am compelled to use it again!

Trying to maintain the “status quo”, digging your heels in deep and resisting even the most minor changes only leads to more frustration in the long run. On the other hand continuous improvement and “skilling up” reflects great flexibility, adaptability and resilience no matter what. If you were a boss, which characteristics would you be looking for in an employee?

Confucius said something about a reed bending in the wind is stronger than an oak which breaks in a storm. Which one would you prefer to be? What would you look for in a friend, or partner?

It is our vested interest to support you as much as we can in your continuous improvement and development, and so to make the Skills and Language Training more accessible I am introducing Skype lessons, and another great offer through the Mnemo Academy which is proud to present the first English NLP Basic Seminar in October

> English NLP Basic Workshop, 19th and 20th October 2013 – view more info 

> SALT 1-to-1 Business English via Skype lessons you get:

  • personal attention – one on one sessions
  • to choose the times that best suit you
  • the material or you can buy a recommended course book best for your needs
  • homework – if you want
  • to choose the topics and content want and need  such as topical issues, grammar, vocabulary, skills for meetings, presentations and negotiations, intercultural communication etc.
  • to choose the duration of the session: 30 minutes @ €26 or 50 minutes@ €48 – buying a block of 10 units gets you a 5% discount

Before you start your 1-to-1 Skype Business English course I will conduct a free 15 minute Skype leveling session with you to establish your language needs and recommend the content of your Skype Business English course. It’s as easy as that!

Contact me by email at hester@salt-pro.com providing me with your full name, contact number, Skype name or ID with “SKYPE BE” in the subject line.

I look forward to seeing you on Skype, at the Mnemo Academy, or even at one of SALT’s very own courses or seminars! Have a great October and remember to remain curious!