Connect. Communicate. Co-create.


My name is Hester and I assist you in creating clarity in your cross-cultural communication, no matter where you are.

You benefit from over 50 000hrs of international business experience in diverse sectors such as sales and marketing, tertiary education, as well as the financial and construction sectors which has been taking place in South Africa, South East Asia, India and the European Union.

I believe that:

  – real global connection can only be shared through sincere curiosity and clarity in communication –

   – intercultural savvy  goes beyond sharing a common language and “being nice” –

   – cross-cultural exchange relies on personal inquiry and self-knowledge –    

   – shared success is achieved through conscious contribution –


 a communication crafts-person ♥ a keynote speaker ♥ a cross-cultural connector ♥ a change activist ♥ success coach


Being Nice Isn’t Enough Keynote! Vienna, Austria

Why do I do what I do?

I want a world in which more honesty and less “niceties” are the norm – not the exception. I also want people to connect and co-create for a better world. In serving you to reach your goals I will reach mine and this is possible. one conversation at a time.

What do I do?

I practice the ancient art of “teaching” through storytelling (keynotes) and writing. Stories impart, inspire and make an impact.   I am in the editing stages of my first book “Being Nice Is Never Enough” – How To Cut Through The Niceties And Get Real Collaboration” – a counterintuitive approach to greater success in cross-cultural interactions.  As a coach I accompany and sometimes guide people in the personal and professional intersections of their lives.

What do others say?

They say you’ll be inspired and encouraged by my unconventional and idea-generating no-buts-kick-butt sparkplug style!

Who creates the gorgeous graphics?

Karin. Karin Hoffman is a very talented communication coach, amazing graphic recorder, illustrator and trainer. She supports me in supporting you by means of her talent to create and communicate her catchy visualisation of ideas through illustrations and graphics.