Connect. Communicate. Co-create.


I support people in cultivating cross-cultural collaboration through clarity in conversation.

My work in

South Africa, South East Asia, India and the European Union

has shown me that

  – real interpersonal connection can only happen through open curiosity and clarity of intention –

   – intercultural savvy  goes beyond sharing a common language and “being nice” –

   – your cross-cultural success relies on how well you know yourself –    

   – competence creates confidence and credibility –

I Thoroughly Enjoy…

writing ♥ connecting ♥ co-creating ♥ business mentoring ♥ coaching & facilitating


Why I do what I do

To facilitate a change for the better people need to change their thinking and to change collective thinking demands a change in the conversations they are having. This leads to a “rewiring” of the brain (mindsets) and ultimately generates new (and better) behaviors.

What I do

In a nutshell? “cultura”(Latin) which comes from the verb “colo” or “colere” means to tend, care, look after and cultivate. Culture is the way things get done around “here” and the way things get done over “there”. I support people in bringing their ways of doing things, together – a.k.a team alignment. I tend to, look after and cultivate cross-cultural collaboration through clarity in intention and conversation.

What others say

They say you’ll get excited, inspired to “get moving” by my frank yet encouraging no-buts, kick-butt style!

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