cultivating competence = cultivating confidence = success!


“Competencia” (Latin) means  agreement and symmetry – a congruence.

Competence is having the ability to confidently bring your know-how, experience (savvy) and communication style – into congruence. Now that’s a skill!


When a stick gets stuck while floating down a river, it doesn’t need years of therapy. It simply needs a nudge to get back into the flow of the water. ~ Michael Neill.

This is what I do. I nudge. Through questions, reflections and feedback.

Sport champions have coaches to help them win. Managers have mentors to help them lead. Students have teachers to help them pass. Who do you have?

With skills coaching and training you will

  •  benefit from our exchange to extend your range of competencies by integrating and mastering specific skills
  •  get feedback and gain from flexible option based thinking that cultivates certainty in the things you want, say and do
  •  feel in flow – large and in charge, with clarity to turn your ideas and dreams into reality!

which you acquire through…

  • experiential learning which is the acquisition of new ideas that you relate to through visual wording, illustrated content and inspiring exchange!

  • attainability – which is the realistic do-able approach to adapt, integrate and apply your new skills immediately!

  • measurability – you can evaluate and tweak your success and personal performance on an ongoing basis.

These skills will equip you to live your life with a rebellious curiosity to recognise and get what makes you happy!

I am a reach-beyond-your-limits life and communication enthusiast. A success coach and idea generator who helps aspiring and adventurous people like you to transform your personal and professional lives. If money, time, place and privacy are preventing you from getting the coaching or training you need please contact me. I can offer you a PWYW – pay what you want program and Skype is my current method of coaching. If you send me an email put PWYW as subject.