Cross-Cultural Collaboration & Communication

Cross-Cultural Collaboration & Communication

Good manners, sharing a common language and Being Nice (simply) Isn’t Enough to ensure success in your cross-cultural collaboration.

Cross-cultural Collaboration 

  • goes deeper than a “when in Rome do as the Romans do” attitude
  • can only happen through connection and clarity in conversation
  • starts with looking at your own mindset, beliefs, fears and attitude.
  • means having a deeper understanding your own culture and values

This is easier said than done. Many well intended “universal” applications like being nice, treating everyone the same, sharing a common language and expert technical know-how – that worked out well in one setting – turn out badly or fail completely in another.

Expensive business suits, corporate smiles and fancy titles don’t guarantee collaboration. Success in your own domestic market doesn’t guarantee it in another. Breakdowns in communication and collaboration happen and well planned business dealings go wrong. Why?

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Cross-Cultural Savvy means you…

  • have core competencies in profiling people and cultures
  • strive for clarity in your communication
  • can focus on goals but are flexible on approaches
  • are able to balance transparency with harmony
  • are open to learn from others and appreciate diversity
  • inclusive in your dealings – no “us” vs. “them”
  • eager to co-create new ideas and solutions, and
  • can prevent, resolve  and create trust in conflict

What happens?

  • We activate the Connect. Communicate. Co-create. action by delivering content designed with passion!
  • We make your knowledge acquisition experiential and therefore memorable!
  • We create bespoke illustrated company relevant handbooks containing expert solutions for your unique requirements.

Who is this for?

You. Your team or company.Especially if you are an international project manager or business leader in charge of culturally diverse teams.

What you get

If you are interested in getting personal C-CS coaching contact Hester.

If you are interested in getting C-CS for your team or company you will get our:

  • Passion Planning Program. This includes bespoke solutions designed specifically for your company/team such as survey analysis, consultation, seminars/workshops and follow-up coaching sessions.
  • Storytelling – the Training Program which includes

    keynote talks, seminars/workshops boosted with real time graphic recording and visualisation of content if you want.

  • Visual Wording – the Handout Program which is a company relevant handbook containing your very own intercultural encounters, with practical how to’s and explanations, as well as illustrations.