Creating Confident Communicators

Communication beyond Language

The ability to communicate effectively and skillfully, in a language other than your own, is fundamental to your desired success!


I have much experience in language training and have been supporting professional people (at all levels) in their English business related activities such as:

  • language acquisition for specific needs and functions, fields and sectors (in my case the sales, marketing,  financial, construction and pharmaceutical sectors
  • facilitating “international” English for intercultural purposes and,
  • translations and proofreading of documents including CVs.


A large chunk of my work is made up of language training and coaching – and it is a whole lot of fun discovering the use of language (foreign and non) through people! My language seminars and courses are designed to equip you in mastering your specific needs in a multicultural environment. You experience a higher level of confidence which supports your communication competencies.

How do you know what you get is good?

  • I know about business. I have been on both sides – an employee and manager, and now I run my own successful business with many happy clients to prove it
  • the training is designed to maximize your experiential learning
  • it is also tailored to ensure be best solutions to meet your or the company’s needs
  • and it contains practical methodologies and explanations which you can start using right away!
  • All the English training is conducted by native speakers who also have business experience.

For more information about my Pay What You Want option and online training/coaching, please contact me.


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