Coaching Topics & Cues!

Professional Coaching Cues

Do you want to hone your skills, or do you have a strong desire for something different in your career or life? Are you at a cross-roads? Feeling uncertain, overwhelmed and not quite sure how or where to start? Do you want to be better at:

  • presenting yourself, pronunciation, speaking like a pro (voice coaching and body language)?
  • working with others and diversity – interpersonal and intercultural communication?
  • dealing with conflict and difficult conversations?
  • negotiating, preventing and resolving problems?
  • team dynamics and team management?
  • delegating and holding others accountable?
  • dealing with uncertainty and changes in your workplace?
  • prioritising to dos, managing deadlines and yourself?
  • being assertive, saying no, decision making and getting the things you want?


Personal Coaching Cues!

Are you wanting to:

  • make an impact through voice and personal presentation?
  • make a small (or significant) personal change?
  • pause, take time out and reset?
  • manage yourself and your to dos better?
  • plan a strategy to realise a dream?
  • (re)discover your passions, values and get a deeper sense of purpose?
  • move forward in areas that have been on hold for far too long?
  • have fun, be fulfilled, and allow yourself to be the best version of you?


Your “content” is treated in the strictest confidence.

All coaching is conducted as per legal requirements of the professional coaching body and adheres to regular supervision and ethical practice.

Contact me if you would like to know more or make an appointment. Skype coaching sessions are also available.

The Coaching Process

Primary focus and model: creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals.

What’s it about: a desire for a better situation, by personal definition.

Past reference: only briefly, to understand the past as context in which your future goals are set.

Questions: to seek insight – the emphasis is on action.

Your goals: identify existing resources, new skills, new tools and insights and to “move”, by personal definition, to a more satisfying and successful future.

Accountability for goals: coaching goals, like business goals, usually have to do with one’s external world and behaviour, and can be measured.

Relationship: co-creative equal “partnership” I offer insights and  perspectives which support you in discovering your answers.

Function: to identify your challenges; to turn challenges into victories and hold you accountable to achieve them

My style: catalytic, challenging, direct, straight talk and accountability.

Rate of change: growth and progress is rapid! Like any other “change” process it can be uncomfortable at first but is replaced by a high sense of achievement.

Responsibility for outcomes: The coach= process; the client = results.

Please see our General Terms and Conditions.