Fast Track Skills

What’s Fast Track Coaching?

Fast Track sessions get you to your goals – faster!

Leap into Personal Mastery!

Leap into Personal Mastery!

Noun A route, course, or method that provides for more rapid results than usual. Verb Accelerate the development or progress of (a person or project).

Taken from “the free dictionary” – Google

This is for you if...

you want to benefit from getting jam-packed sessions filled with valuable nuggets of information.

Fast Track Skills Seminars

How much? Pay What You Want!

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Usually Monday to Thursday 5 – 7pm

Half day and full day FT sessions can be arranged.

More about Fast Track Skills Sessions

What is Fast Track?

I’ve collected and bundled together the best bits. You get practical and valuable “nuggets” which you can apply immediately. Your learning is completely experiential because a healthy dose of fun and inspiration is delivered in a professional setting.

What’s the benefit?

You will leave every FT session with a clear idea of what you want to do and excited about getting started. The FT sessions are “short and sweet”, take place on days and times which are convenient for most, and the focus is on smaller groups i.o.w. you!

What is the difference?

A full seminar focusses on “more”. More theory; more business applications and strategies; more case studies; self-reflection as well as individual and group activities with feedback sessions. More of the good stuff requires more of your time!

Who’ll train you?

SALT has a diverse team of qualified trainers for special requests. I do most of the training and coaching offered – because this is what I do best!

If you would like more information please contact me.