About Hester


30+ years (or nearly 60 000+hrs) international business experience in sales and marketing (cosmetic and pharmaceutical); tertiary education, the financial and construction sectors with:

  • 60% of my activities dedicated to training (corporate, colleges and universities; SA, SEA and EU);
  • 30% dedicated to coaching, consulting and mediation;
  • 10% dedicated to doing keynote talks and presentations.


Hester is a speaker and story strategist, communication craftsperson, cross-cultural connector, and change activist. She possesses a uniquely fresh “street-kid” savvy which allows her to share her bold yet refreshing coaching approach with her corporate clients all over the world.

She has vast experience in training, coaching, consulting, mediation and more recently key note speaking on the subject of cross cultural communication and co-working.  She was also commissioned to write a book, The Flying Rhino’s Guide to Intercultural Communication by a leading international cardboard and paper manufacturer in 2015.

Born South African, she has lived and worked in South Africa, India, the EU, South East Asia and CEE (Central Eastern Europe). In India she started working on her cross-cultural communication book – an anecdotal non-fiction on things “they” don’t tell you.

By the age of ten she had logged more than 10 000 unaccompanied flying miles and as a young person spoke on a local radio show telling about her solo travels to distant destinations and, she remains an inspiring and uplifting storyteller.

Here a more detailed account of her-story. You can also get more of her insights and musings on fb.

Her black on white qualifications: Ayurveda Practitioner; Neuro-Science and Neuro-Leadership; Systemic Coaching; Conflict Mediator; Social and Life Counsellor; Business English Trainer (CELTA/LCCI London Chamber of Commerce ARELS-CERT TEB); Dipl. in Marketing Management; Dipl. in Management And Sales Training. 


As per a questionnaire that went around on fb not too long ago:

♥ Tattoo? No Piercings? Yes 3 – in earlobes Married/Divorced? Experience in both Children? Yes a beautiful son! Operations? Yes Prison? Not telling Weapons? Fired a rifle on my grand-daddy’s farm and now have a very unique thumb print on my left thumb. Left/walked out of a job? Yes Fired staff? Yes ♥ Been Fired? Yes, thank goodness! Awards/Distinctions? Not telling – I might put you off contacting me Have you seen the moon from the Equator? Almost, Kuala Lumpur is very close to it and I lived and worked in Malaysia for almost 6 years! Awesome! Flown in a helicopter? Yes, with my son and 2 spaniels! ♥ Converted? Many times – foolishly – keep converting back to myself, like this version best! Cried over somebody? Oh yes! Often! Been in love? Oh yes, with the ones I cried over! ♥ Skipped school? Sure! You? Been in an ambulance? Yes, after a diving accident Been to the Amazon? – no but Bornean jungles and climbed up the highest mountain in SEA – Mt Kinabalu. ♥ Been in a TV show? Not yet Been on a radio show? Yes, as a kid. Won something? Not the lottery but some very precious friends ♥ Caught snowflakes with your tongue? Yes ♥ Animals? let’s not go there – will take up the whole page – love rhinos! ♥ Ridden a motorbike? Yes Ridden a horse? Prefer motorbikes ♥ Do you donate blood? Yes because I am O-neg and once had to wait 24 hours for blood. ♥ Do you love what you do? What kind of a question is that?

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