Newsletter May 2014 – Springtime Gardens!


Springtime Gardens!

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches trust”.– Gertrude Jekyll
Spring “out there” is a lot like spring “in here” – a reflection of one’s mind and soul.
Just like my work, spring is the colourful evidence of new growth and time well invested. 
Just like my work, spring is the return on investment (ROI) of hope and trust.
When I first began gardening what I didn’t know was made up for with enthusiastic naivety! I even started SALT like this! What I didn’t know about running a business was made up with hope and faith that something would emerge from the soil, after some good old toil! It certainly worked!
Of course there were some expensive and time consuming lessons too and as my business started growing I realised I needed more skills and knowledge so I went off to other schools to learn how to prepare for and “plant” more beautiful gardens in my world of training and coaching. I learnt how to better assess the needs of individual flowers and plants. How to strategise their maximum growth and how to simply step back, observe and let things happen.
Just like my garden, SALT’s garden’s inhabitants require patient yet attentive nurturing and care; varying strategies and methodologies need to be sourced and individually implemented and then it is best to step back and let things “grow” by themselves!
Acquiring a language is like this. I plant grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic seeds, “walk the talk” with you, and then you need to be left to blossom in your new garden of words.
Acquiring skills is like this too. I plant seeds, show you the “how” and then you need to go out there and experiment on how to optimise your personal growth!
Remember to do the deed, plant a seed and spread the word! Success and the “power of one”
Happy springtime!