Master change and fear in four easy steps.

keep your coins_bansky_

Returning to work in September after the heady high days of sun, more sun, endless blue skies and MA!…those intense “Moments of Awareness”…was really a challenge!
Filled with my MA! my enthusiasm was temporarily doused by some of my clients’ updates of…yes…you got it…more cuts. More budget cuts, more FTE cuts, more company Christmas dinner expense cuts. Cuts. And then of course the refugee crisis, people cut off from their roots and family. More (suicide)bomb blasts cutting off life. Another mass killing at a school. More young lives cut short.

My world as I know it is changing and I get filled with a profound feeling of dread and…

run away2

But I can’t run away, I have clients to inspire and bills to pay!

And I am reminded of quote to which there’s a flipside too: “the bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you refuse to take the bend”.

change bend in road

But then, how many times have you missed a turning only to discover a new, better route to where you’re going? I personally love getting lost (when I am not in a hurry)!

Take what you need. I want change.
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