2015 Presence Present

Two of my most favourite quotes to accompany you through 2015!

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll keep getting what you always got! If you want something else, you’re going to have to do something completely different. Paul Watzlawick

Change a thought. Change your life. Anthony Robbins.


2015 presence present 1


A present packed with presence! Dec 2014



Giving the present of presence!

As the merry, merry season of giving and receiving is upon us, my mind has been busy with finding a befitting present to share with you! A present that is worth more than its weight in gold that could be used everyday. I didn’t have to look long or hard! I read this the other day: “The only thing becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention” by Kevin Kelly. That’s it! A present. A presence present which took me walk down memory lane and my 2014 blog path.

In 2010 I had a pretty bad diving accident in the Red Sea. The accident was due to my own negligence – human error. It was as a result of being distracted and too busy. I spent a month of days doing 90min sessions in a (de)compression chamber. During this time I started sensing the magnitude of the “luck” I had had and to appreciate every next minute that was pain-killer free. I started appreciating every slow next step I could take and I Curiously started Observing and Spontaneously living in the moment of presence and gratitude. I fell in love with the idea of being alive.

Back to the present – whenever distraction and busy-ness sets in, I remind myself of the days after the diving accident. BeCOS (be curious, observant, spontaneous) it matters. I know that when I start forgetting things I think are important or meaningful, that I have stopped being mindful and that I have reached mind full levels again – another accident waiting to happen!

Particularly this year I’ve been busy with exploring the treasures of being present and mindful. My own (real) mindful journey started at the airport in February 2013 with a “grab off the shelf” book on how to be a mindful international manager (I get very excited about intercultural topics). I later filtered through the glut of online information and since then (while trying to stay in the balance and not scare off my clients who (mostly) keep the financial sector wheel turning) I’ve been testing myself on every level of my own presence and mindfulness. Here’s a not too often (thank goodness) “work” example of more (or less) presence. I am sitting with a client…it`s afternoon, after lunch (fatal) and I am having a serious problem keeping my thoughts in the room. You know that feeling…I know you do. So lately, when the sensation of slackening neck muscles, rolling eyes and strolling thoughts are present, I (internally) utter “PRESENCE” to myself and BAM! I’m back, awake, alert and mindful.

Here’s another “balancing” example…I would just stop and curiously act on whatever spontaneous thought/crazy idea/impulse had crept into my head space. Check out this clip: balancing bike and presence present

I didn’t wait for the “right” or “perfect” moment/outfit/setting/thing-to-say, I just did it. Im-perfect-ly. Because none of us are perfect and chasing after that money spinning illusion is a presence thief!!

And besides, always being perfectly balanced is boring.

And then I would observe reactions and responses. Observe my immediate state of be-ing (it was hard to get the smile of YEAH! and pride off my face) and observe others – and this was the real reward – they had fun too!

Here’s the question. What are you too busy doing?

There are distractions everywhere. Between raising kids, marriages/divorces, making a living, facebook, education and self-development, as well as bosses there is no shortage of people and things demanding our attention. And we keep getting faster and faster, i.e. using microwaves, drive-in take outs, standing while eating or getting 4G because 3G just doesn’t work for us anymore. And we don’t know if it’s “wake up and smell the coffee” or “stop and smell the roses”. We’re too busy. Are you too busy doing baking and decorating and preparing and making perfect to enjoy what the essence of Christmas is all about and to pay attention to what really matters?

I don’t remember most of the things I “like” on FB, but I do remember walking in the bush with rhino. I forget details around things that didn’t move me but I remember details of events and faces and words that tugged at my heart – whether good or bad. I forget things my mum did when she was busy, but I remember the things she did when she wasn’t. I forget things that have little meaning to my life or make no sense and I remember the impact of things that added value and purpose.

When you can, talk rather than text, call rather than write, and listen rather than drift with well timed empty responses. Be available. Sense others. Sense self. Sense life at its fullest.

Make a difference to someone’s life by being “all theirs”. Give them your presence as a present, at Christmas time and every day. Never underestimate the power of joy and giving – it will sustain you in good health and happiness. For sure!

This is my present of presence to you. Worth more than gold. I hope you’ll receive it Curiously, Openly and Spontaneously! BeCOS it matters!

Peace, light and love,




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