Get addicted to good deeds and words!

the power of words

We all know that sex and taking drugs is like sleeping and eating and most other things. The more you have the more you want. The more you do it, the more you want to, the more you do it! The more you eat the “hungrier” you get the more you eat. Can you ever get enough of the good stuff?

I bet you (once again) started 2016 thinking about what you were going to do less or more of? And, how are you doing? Not hacking it and want to know why not? Read this. The good thing is there is still the rest of the year with new opportunities to do something different like start a love revolution, make a difference and get a lot more “right”.

But, before you roll your eyes thinking this is another “how to achieve your goals” or “2016 is going to be your best year yet” promise, believe me it is not. None of that stuff. The next 1176 words are going to be about doing more. Three “to dos” to get more energy and feel good on plus five user-friendly do good reminders which (perhaps) your mother, your father, maybe the holy man up the road or a teacher shared with you. All for free, gratis and nix! Simple reminders which, if each one of us did more of…even…only…just one…on a daily basis, our world would turn into a significantly better place and our lives would become more magical – like Lucy living in a sky of diamonds.

OK, so lets start with the to do list.

To do #1: Be active, not passive

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Christmas, First World problems and my gift of 3 Questions



We’re nearly there – only a few days to Christmas and a brand new year! I am so looking forward to it!

My goodness it’s been a tough year. Charly Hebdo attack in Paris, January; a 7.9 earthquake in Nepal, April; the migrant crisis unfolded in Europe in August; Volkswagen involved in an emission scandal, the Hajj stampede in Mecca in September, a Russian plane crashes in the Sinai Desert; Nigerians die in bomb attacks in October and November; Palestinians, Jews and Syrians all year and then of course the Paris attack in November.

And you are wondering why on earth I am reminding you of such bad sad things when I should be sending you fluffy snowflake Christmas-sy stuff! Your are right. Read on.

Christmas is a time for good stuff.
A time for a good time.
Time to go home and reconnect.
Time for cinnamon and nutmeg flavoured kitchens.
Time for laughter, opened gifts, open hearts…and family.
Time for peace. A time for love.

A time for giving. A time for sharing. The spirit of Christmas. Ideally.

Or are you still practicing the Christmas tradition of a private function for only the closest family members? Is Christmas time a time of closed doors where the true spirit of giving has been silenced by the rustling sound of expensive gift wrap and replaced by first world problems?

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