Autumn in Austria!


Returning to Vienna this Autumn!

“creating confident communicators – cultivating collaborative conversation”
Taking bookings now from 12th September to 9th November 2016

Goa has been and still is good!

A sense-ual celebration of the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory elements – colorful and kaleidoscopic; bold and brassy; hot and humid; aromatic and acrid; delicious and delightful! And at best, confusing!

Here’s something really funny and absolutely true when it comes to their “language” – verbal and nonverbal. I still have to check for understanding!

Getting on with everyday things have also been a challenging daily reminder of how much curiosity, clarity and understanding cross cultural communicators need. Curiosity is certainly very supportive in order to cultivate collaboration through communication. Wouldn’t you like to know how?

Speaking of clarity – while the skies are blue and there are many more hours in your day – I need to make hay! Please remember to plan and fix your skills and language appointments for Autumn, ASAP!

You know how the saying goes – if you snooze you lose!

Wishing you happy days and a sensational summer! Hester


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