Transitions, Being in Transit and not an Accidental Tourist!

Are you “in transit” or accidentally transitioning?

The word transition – means to be in a state of upheaval, transformation, conversion or undergoing change – like melting ice.

Active or passive.
Conscious or not.

If I say I am a woman in transition – implying I’m undergoing change is it an upheaval and conscious decision to change?
Is it (always) active?
Am I bound to transition in the process?
What if I don’t make any decisions to change any one thing?
Will transitions pay me surprise visits?
Will I (unnecessarily) revisit certain unchanging situations?
And, what if I don’t want or wish for change?
Deciding not to make decisions and to cling to my comfort cushion is also an act of conscious decision making. Believing otherwise is delusional and reality usually comes with a loud knock followed by a measure of shock.

Transitions regularly come to our door dressed up in finery and forms like birth, age-related hormonal changes, disconcerting dis-eases, divorces, death and/or workplace headcount reductions. Those are the real sneaks and they can make or break you!

Mild transitions can inspire and excite us while turning our disconnected lives into a unified whole. Healthy transitions can keep us moving from idea to idea and help us grow – no matter how painful we think the “growing pains” are.
The more stormy turbulent ones are the surprise-surprise, unpleasant, heart-breaking and crisis-like shifts that catapult us into complex and tricky situations causing more triggers and ripple effects along with mental and physical stuck states.


The word transit is a combination of a more active and/or passive action. It is about being transported or carried by “something” from one place to another.

Its planned. Called upon. Wished, and often prayed for. You buy the ticket!

Transit is about precious fragile goods being wrapped up in layers of soft stuff – carefully being transported from one address (or soul place) to another and then being “un-layered”. Fragile, sensitive conscious minds and souls can be “lifted” by known and understood, or less known, sources and forces to be gently carried to a different space – before coming out.

The fact remains that some prep work was done before and therefore the up-lift-ment and transition is intended and expected.

It’s like having invisible wings or helping hands that lift and carry you, safely, to your next “destination”.
You’re still the one “pedaling” but you’re being held up and helped.
You’re the one bravely balancing and delicately doing the work while your super-source is calling for you to carry on – making it easier for you to reach your goal.

Or not.
Only because you’re not ready for it…YET!
Trust it.

And therein lies the difference.

Transition can be a state of unexpected change while being in transit is the lifting up (think cranes, boats and planes) and the transportation of cherished “goods”.

I choose to be a woman in transit.

I am choosing to live a life of “up-lift-ment” and intent.

I like me like I am.

Grow more?

When I feel that a part of me would be honored by some fine-tuning or something “new” – I’ll plan the journey, get the ticket and travel lightly with a lot of intent and knowing my “where from…”, “where to…” and most of all my “why”.

And, then, my transition-ed me will come out to meet you on the other side!

Are you intentionally in transit or an accidental tourist transitioning re-actively through life?

You’ve probably noticed there are many changes and transitions in transit at the moment – but I’m still here and I am so looking forward to meeting up with you again, no matter where!

In the meantime – if you need some invisible wings with things related to online business/life coaching and/or business English skills training, and, if you would like some helping hands for hands-on Ayurveda healing massage and counselling to help ease and balance your life, you can contact me here. I’ve done my Ayurveda prep work!

Remember to keep sparkling and stay brilliant,

PS – Nothing has to ever be “either…or” or “this or that”. All things go hand in hand on your private journey – but choosing whether change is going to be expected or un- can, to some extent, be in your control; like “unexpectedly” losing someone very dear to you can be so much easier to bear when you make friends with the knowledge that we must all leave this earth at some point. The only thing we will never know about death, or have control over, is when, where or how.

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