Clarity for 2020 – Create Your Own Crazy Vision!

Create Your Own Crazy Vision

Ever caught yourself staring out of the window day-dreaming and then wondering what the heck you’re doing conjuring up such crazy “imagine if” ideas?

Well my (somewhat alarmed) response would be “imagine if you don’t!

Neither you or your idea(s) are crazy. The “why?” you’ll get later, but first things first on this first day and week of what promises to be a sparkly year and decade.

First I need you to answer the clarity question #1 that will launch you into a transformation-al process. Remember to take your time – a-l-l good things take time (and a bit of work)!

Please note that this thought provoking question is not a goal-setting exercise. Questions are designed to help you find out why you only achieve some of the things you set out to do and while doing that you will find your answers which will either inspire you to go out there and make it (that crazy dream/vision and more) happen, or help you to let go of un-serving beliefs enabling you to and invest your energy on something else!


Ask yourself this today: “If I could have anything, change anything, do anything or be anything I wanted to be and, there is absolutely nothing or anyone standing in my way of realizing my vision, what would it be?”

Start here. Start with this today.
It doesn’t matter how crazy, absurd or preposterous your idea may seem right now – write it down and if there is more than one, make a list.

This is going to be your decade of #twentyplenty!

And then?
Then look out for your clarity question #2 coming soon right here!

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Regards, Hester

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