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What’s In A Word – What’s That You’re Saying? Part 2

Choosing the spell-binding POW!er of words because you can!

 A lexical approach to discovering more about ourselves, our values, life, cultures and creating a better world through the words we choose to use. 

Following up on “Confrontation Creates Conversation” (What’s in a word – What’s that you’re saying? Part 1) I thought it would be exciting to now, add a bit of POW! to make your conversations more wow!

POW! – can also be described as having clout, esteem, guts, pizzazz, say-so and “what it takes”.

Clout means to have influence, standing and authority.

Spellbinding – means to hold someone’s attention as if by magic. Also known as fascinating, enthralling, entrancing, captivating, riveting, gripping, very exciting, thrilling, absorbing, compelling, hypnotic and magical. Origins: dated back to the 1800’s from the words “spell” (magic) and “bind” (captivate).

Imagine that? You?

Sure you. Here’s how.

But first. Let’s start from the very beginning.

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Holy Cow(s)!, trumpery and Holi-days! A msg of Peace.

2016? Holy cow! It’s been a ride of “deestings”, unabashed trumpery, distractions and Being Nice Isn’t Enough!

Remember me telling you at the beginning of this year that sex and taking drugs, eating sleeping and doing good deeds had this “gimme more” effect. That you should get addicted to good deeds and the more you do it the more you want it? Do you remember my 3 to do’s and 5 reminders to help get you what you want? No? Then go here before you go making any new resolutions. Yes? Good. I’ll be adding a few more life hacks to those. Read on.

This 2482 word reflection is a no bullshit message of peace containing

– colorful cows, female distractions and other fun and sexy life lessons

– idiotic idiomatic and old English expressions

– a pre-view of a good book to read

– 4 tips on how to get others to start a sparkly collaboration revolution with you

– a peace mantra

all from an expat-in-India perspective.

You know what it’s like. Come the end of anything you start looking back, taking stock and perhaps, reflecting. Read more


About Hester


30+ years (or nearly 60 000+hrs) international business experience in sales and marketing (cosmetic and pharmaceutical); tertiary education, the financial and construction sectors with:

  • 60% of my activities dedicated to training (corporate, colleges and universities; SA, SEA and EU);
  • 30% dedicated to coaching, consulting and mediation;
  • 10% dedicated to doing keynote talks and presentations.


Hester is a speaker and story strategist, communication craftsperson, cross-cultural connector, and change activist. She possesses a uniquely fresh “street-kid” savvy which allows her to share her bold yet refreshing coaching approach with her corporate clients all over the world.

She has vast experience in training, coaching, consulting, mediation and more recently key note speaking on the subject of cross cultural communication and co-working.  She was also commissioned to write a book, The Flying Rhino’s Guide to Intercultural Communication by a leading international cardboard and paper manufacturer in 2015.

Born South African, she has lived and worked in South Africa, India, the EU, South East Asia and CEE (Central Eastern Europe). In India she started working on her cross-cultural communication book – an anecdotal non-fiction on things “they” don’t tell you.

By the age of ten she had logged more than 10 000 unaccompanied flying miles and as a young person spoke on a local radio show telling about her solo travels to distant destinations and, she remains an inspiring and uplifting storyteller.

Here a more detailed account of her-story. You can also get more of her insights and musings on fb.

Her black on white qualifications: Ayurveda Practitioner; Neuro-Science and Neuro-Leadership; Systemic Coaching; Conflict Mediator; Social and Life Counsellor; Business English Trainer (CELTA/LCCI London Chamber of Commerce ARELS-CERT TEB); Dipl. in Marketing Management; Dipl. in Management And Sales Training. 


As per a questionnaire that went around on fb not too long ago:

♥ Tattoo? No Piercings? Yes 3 – in earlobes Married/Divorced? Experience in both Children? Yes a beautiful son! Operations? Yes Prison? Not telling Weapons? Fired a rifle on my grand-daddy’s farm and now have a very unique thumb print on my left thumb. Left/walked out of a job? Yes Fired staff? Yes ♥ Been Fired? Yes, thank goodness! Awards/Distinctions? Not telling – I might put you off contacting me Have you seen the moon from the Equator? Almost, Kuala Lumpur is very close to it and I lived and worked in Malaysia for almost 6 years! Awesome! Flown in a helicopter? Yes, with my son and 2 spaniels! ♥ Converted? Many times – foolishly – keep converting back to myself, like this version best! Cried over somebody? Oh yes! Often! Been in love? Oh yes, with the ones I cried over! ♥ Skipped school? Sure! You? Been in an ambulance? Yes, after a diving accident Been to the Amazon? – no but Bornean jungles and climbed up the highest mountain in SEA – Mt Kinabalu. ♥ Been in a TV show? Not yet Been on a radio show? Yes, as a kid. Won something? Not the lottery but some very precious friends ♥ Caught snowflakes with your tongue? Yes ♥ Animals? let’s not go there – will take up the whole page – love rhinos! ♥ Ridden a motorbike? Yes Ridden a horse? Prefer motorbikes ♥ Do you donate blood? Yes because I am O-neg and once had to wait 24 hours for blood. ♥ Do you love what you do? What kind of a question is that?

♥ What do you do? Click here

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Connect. Communicate. Co-create.


I support people across cultures in cultivating connection through clarity in communication.

My work in

South Africa, South East Asia, India and the European Union

has taught me that

  – collaborative co-creation can only happen through curiosity –

   – cross-cultural success relies on how well we know ourselves and our culture –

– intercultural savvy (CQ) goes beyond sharing a common language and “being nice” –

This is what I do

I support you in your cross-cultural business activities and communication skills. My coaching and training provides insights and “user friendly” tools to assist you in understanding complex cultural and communication issues.

Much of your/our success depends on the words we choose to use. When we understand how our own culture and social conditioning affects our communication and behavior, we become better at understanding others.

Language acquisition, honed communication skills, as well as a shift in perspective and attitude, fosters an inclusive approach which promotes individual as well as team success.


Why I do what I do

I so enjoy being instrumental in and contributing to “a change for the better” in our world. We all need to change our personal and collective thinking – 2020 has proven this – and the only way to do this is through the conversations we are having. We need to put a better message out to the world!

What I do

In a nutshell? “cultura”(Latin) which comes from the verb “colo” or “colere” means to tend, care, look after and cultivate. I support people in communicating and bringing their ideas and ways of doing things, together.  Meaningful communication and interpersonal collaboration is achieved with curiosity, compassion (EQ) and cultural understanding (CQ).

What others say

They say you’ll fall in love! And, get excited, inspired to “get going” and get what you want by my encouraging no-buts, kick-butt style!

How I do it:

Through conversation and thought provoking questions to inspire reflection, clarity, action and change. I also blog a bit.


Coaching for Transformation

Man’s mind, once stretched… 

Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.  Oliver Wendell Holmes.

of everything we learn is actually applied!
is lying dormant in our subconscious!
achievement of personal excellence

Studies show that we humans only put into use 20% of what we learn while the other 80% is left inactive, on our subconscious shelf. This means that because we’re only doing 20% of what we could be doing we’re only achieving 20% of our true potential.

This means that you are only achieving 20% of your greatness!

It’s time to change this! It’s time (re)activate the 80% wealth of resources you have stashed away in your treasure chest and let it see the light of day!

Coaching and Transformation 

Transformation – word origin and history – mid 14c.,  from Latin “transformare”. To change the shape or form – from “trans”- meaning across and “formare” meaning to form.

Transformation is not change. Think of water. Freeze it, boil it, steam and condense it – it changes form but returns to being water. But, when something has been transformed it cannot return to its original state.

Having the flexibility to change is good – having the courage to transform your life is better! You are the only one in charge. You can go for the 80% and live large. Or stay where you are. Your call.

You can achieve more than you imagine – you simply have to want it.

Our guiding map will be:

  • curiosity  – to rediscover your wealth of resources

  • courage – to challenge un-serving beliefs, let them go and re-invent yourself

  • consciousness – to engage with compassion and clarity

  • collaboration – in a non-judgemental, no nonsense way

  • commitment – accountability to show up in your new life

The Coaching Process

Primary focus and model: creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals.

What’s it about: a desire for change, by your personal definition.

Past reference: only briefly, to understand the past as context in which move forward toward the things you want.

Questions: to seek insight and clarity – the emphasis is on activating action.

Your goals: identify existing resources, new skills, new tools and insights and to “move”, by personal definition, to a more empowered, satisfying and successful future.

Accountability for goals: coaching goals, like business goals, usually have to do with one’s external world and behaviour, and can be measured.

Relationship: co-creative equal “partnership” I offer insights and  perspectives which support you in discovering your answers.

Function: to identify your blocks and challenges; to turn challenges into victories and hold you accountable to achieve them

My style: kick-butt to your yes or no buts! I’m going to nudge, propel, catapult, spark, and apply direct, straight talk.

Rate of change: growth and progress is rapid! Like any other “change” process it can be uncomfortable at first but is replaced by a high sense of achievement.

Responsibility for outcomes: me the coach = process; you the client = results.


  • All our “content” is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • All coaching is conducted as per legal requirements of the professional coaching body and adheres to regular supervision and ethical practice.

Contact me if you would like to know more or want to make an appointment.

General Terms and Conditions.